"Wow, what a transformation she did from getting rid of that flowery dated wallpaper to the beautiful faux painting technique. I just love her and stay tuned for more pictures because I will be keeping her very busy." SM

     "We never thought we could afford an interior designer but we were in dire need of one.We had just completed a very expensive kitchen remodel project but it just wasn’t looking finished.We met with her and she came up with great ideas and colors to pull everything together.The faux technique she did in the kitchen was spectacular, everyone thinks it’s wallpaper.She worked with us to stay within our budget and we could not have accomplished this without her." C&N

     "I thought I was in need of a room facelift...and it all started with just adding a few colorful toss pillows but was advised that I needed to pull the color through to have it flow and make sense. She went shopping for me and found the peacock window treatments, which are to die for and many accessories to complement the teal pillows that I so wanted. It looks fabulous and I am so happy with my new look.Thank you so much for your eye for style.Love you," WB

    "I cannot begin to tell you the overwhelming accolades the kitchen colors received from everyone. I just love the textured walls, the granite, the entire transformation...it truly is gorgeous." RR

    "It truly is amazing what a little bit of furniture rearrangement and a different wall color can do for a room. I feel like it totally transformed our office and we just love it. It's wonderful to work with someone who has such a vision."BA

    "As you can see from our before pictures we had the typical tropical color theme, which we were so ready to change. The color pallet she presented to us for the walls and furnishings were exquisite. We had the warm rich colors with a tropical flair. She accomplished everything we wanted and more."LB

    "I loved how she took the guess work out of the entire process and listened to all of our wants and needs, to include; furniture style/fabric selections, wall color techniques, window treatments, and accessories... and did it in a creative way while being mindful of our budget and reflecting my family's life style." KL

    "My daughter was finally ready to part with her Disney Friendly colorful room.  It lasted for many years with just changing some pictures on her wall as she was growing up.  However, now it was time for a more grown-up color theme but still allowing the teenage antics of accessories. We were so happy with the end result. Thanks so much for pulling it all together." PB

    “Our room was transformed from a sunroom to a beautiful den/family room.  It’s hard to believe it’s the same room.  She presented us with a plan and we followed her advice.  We love the hardwood floors, the faux painting on the walls, the buttery yellow leather sectional and furnishings, together with the toss pillows to match the window treatments and all the little accents she found to make the room come together and feel welcoming.  We couldn’t have done it without her.” CH

    “If you need a new look, Julianne of Jewels Interiors was the best call I every made.  After months of contemplating how to decorate a new room in our home, she arrived to help.  She spent the first 15 minutes looking around and observing my own decorating style...I think, then she finally spoke.  Her unique ideas and willingness to work with me came from her heart.  She not only transformed my room into a beautiful showcase, she then continued on through the entire living area.  She has the ability to take old items in the home and make them look new. Then, a few years later when it was time to sell our house, the first couple who came through fell in love with the decorating style and sold in 20 minutes. Also, at a moments notice, she helped me pick out paint colors for our new home that she had never seen (during a snow storm...24" of snow that day) which we still enjoy today.” Brenda T.